Devon Lach is a creative producer and photographer passionate about bringing stories to life through film and photography. Whether doing a project for a big brand or a small company, she focuses on creating inclusive work as a meaningful representation of the brand’s ethos. 

She was most recently a Senior Creative Producer at Airbnb, producing films and photo shoots internationally.

Devon is the founder and creative director of Prynne Mag, an eco-feminist fashion magazine that strives to empower womxn through sustainable self expression.

Clients & Collaborators: 

Airbnb, Bathing Culture, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ferragamo, Dazed Magazine, The Gettys, The SF Ballet, Rumpl, Tokyo Gamine, Lollywould Productions, Image Partnership, Forbes, Lelet NY, Nakid Magazine, Soft Haus, Colorant, Jenny Lemons, WRNFRSH, Take Shape Studio, WeSpeak Models, Bloom Generation, Wallflower, Clara Cullen, Brianna Capozzi, Emma Wyman, Salva Lopez, Mark Mahaney, Max Miechowski, Jillian Knox, Katie Newburn, Sadie Williams, Michelle Blanco, Ming Song, Whittany Robinson

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